14 12, 2017

Wrongful Dismissal

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Wrongful Dismissal: Think About Mitigation 1. Employee may have duties event if she is wrongfully dismissed In Alberta, when an employer dismisses an employee without cause, the employee may be entitled to damages for wrongful dismissal. This may be the case where the employer terminates the employment without notice or with insufficient notice. While the employee may be entitled to considerable damages award as a result of such [...]

23 11, 2017

Termination Without Cause

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Termination Without Cause: How Much Notice Is Enough? 1. “Working notice” or “termination pay? In many cases, when an employer wants to fire an employee without just cause, termination notice is required. If this is the case, there are two main types of termination notice. The first is “working notice”, where the employer informs the employee on the coming termination in advance, and the employee continues working [...]