Family Law Services in Calgary

DLegal family law practice includes prenuptial matters, divorce and separation, division of matrimonial assets and debts, child custody and support, spousal support, family law agreements, adoption and represented adults applications.

While Alberta family law services are often billed on an hourly basis, we offer flat rates for such family legal matters as uncontested divorce, family law independent legal advice, separation agreements and private adoption. Contact us when you are looking for a local family lawyer in Calgary SW.

Alberta Family Law Consultations

DLegal family services lawyer provides consultations on a wide range of family law issues. Our goal is to discuss your matrimonial entitlements and obligations, to give you family law legal advice, to offer various legal options and to make the process as straightforward as possible for you. Please share all details of your family case with our family practice lawyer since family law rules often overlap with such other areas as estates law, real estate, property law, business law and civil litigation. While we do not provide free family law services, our family and divorce lawyer fees are affordable. Please contact DLegal to schedule a consultation on your family law issues.

Domestic Contracts and Marriage Contracts

When you think about a family law agreement in the beginning of your relationship, DLegal family law solicitor can offer you a cohabitation agreement or a pre-nuptial agreement. A cohabitation agreement is primarily for couples who plan to live in a common law relationship. A pre-nuptial agreement, also known as a marriage contract or a matrimonial contract, is for people who intend to get married.

Another type of a marriage contract is a post-nuptial agreement. A key difference between a postnuptial agreement and a prenup is that people enter into a postnuptial agreement after they get married.

Cohabitation, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are also known as domestic contracts. A properly drafted domestic contract helps alleviate worries about the future, protects parties to a family relationship and reduces family lawyer costs in case of divorce or separation.

Drafting a cohabitation agreement, a prenup, or a postnuptial agreement, your family law solicitor will work on a wide range of topics, such as:

  • protection of pre-marital assets and pre-cohabitation assets

  • pre-existing financial obligations

  • cohab property distribution and matrimonial property division at the end of the relationship

  • division of matrimonial debts and family liabilities

  • child custody, parenting time and access (visitation)

  • family income splitting, such as RESPs, RRSPs, pensions, and other retirement income

  • child support

  • spousal support

DLegal offers affordable flat fees for uncontested domestic agreements.

Separation Agreements

Unlike cohabitation agreements and marriage contracts, a separation agreement is at issue in the end of a family relationship. Whether it is a breakdown of a common law relationship or a dissolution of marriage through a divorce, a professionally drafted separation agreements set out rights and responsibilities of the parties when their relationship is over. As a result, the separation agreement allows to avoid family law litigation, get an easy divorce or fair legal separation, and reduce divorce lawyer fees.

Drafting your separation agreement, your family solicitor will address such domestic issues and matrimonial property matters as:

  • rights and responsibilities of the spouses or common law partners

  • parenting responsibilities, child custody and access (visitation)

  • child support

  • spousal support

  • matrimonial property division

  • disposition of family home

  • division of family financial obligations, such as matrimonial debt

  • distribution of retirement income on separation, such as splitting of RESPs, RRSPs and pensions

DLegal offers uncontested separation agreements at affordable flat rates.

Independent Legal Advice (Family Law ILA)

Alberta family law rules require Independent Legal Advice to make a family law contract binding. Before signing a cohabitation agreement, a prenuptial agreement, a postnuptial agreement or a separation agreement, a party needs to see a family law lawyer to get the ILA. Without family law ILA, a domestic contract or a separation agreement may not be valid and the parties may face family law litigation and significant divorce lawyer costs.

The Independent Legal Advice is given by a family and divorce lawyer, not by a notary or a paralegal. When providing ILA, a family law solicitor cannot act for both parties. The lawyer needs to make sure that a party gives up his or her rights and accepts responsibilities voluntarily and that the family law agreement is fair. If the domestic contract or a separation agreement is one-sided or detrimental to our client, our family law attorney may refuse to sigh it off or will suggest amendments. These situations are rare. When you are seeking family law ILA, our family lawyer will work hard to settle your difficulties efficiently.

DLegal offers affordable fees for uncontested family and divorce matters. Please check our fees for uncontested family law independent legal advice.


Common Law Separation

The term “Common Law” is used to recognize a family law relationship between heterosexual or same-sex partners who are living together, but not married. In certain situations, Alberta family law also uses the term “Adult Interdependent Parties” or “AIP”. Partner support obligations of parties living in a common law relationship are regulated by Alberta Family Law Act. Property rights of cohabitating couples are governed by court decisions. For this reason, family law rules for common law spouses differ from marriage and divorce legal principles and are quite complicated. Cohabiting couples may need assistance of an experienced family lawyer.

Contact DLegal family legal team when you seek legal assistance with your common law separation matters.


The law does not require consent of both spouses to grant a divorce, and either party can apply to court for a divorce. The most usual grounds for divorce are marriage breakdown and being separated for one year without possibility of reconciliation.

The most affordable types of divorce are joint divorce and uncontested divorce. These types of simple divorce are possible when there are no disputes between the spouses as to child support, spousal support and matrimonial property division. Joint divorce and uncontested divorce are amicable and proceed without a family law litigation.

When a divorce is contested by the other party for some valid reason, the spouses face a family law litigation. The reasons to contest a divorce include absence of reasonable arrangements for the support of children of the marriage, inadequate spousal support, or unfair distribution of matrimonial property. There is usually no winner in a contested divorce. For this reason, DLegal family and divorce lawyer will work hard to ensure that your divorce is uncontested. However, when easy and fair divorce is impossible, we will do our best to protect your divorce rights in family court.

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