20 01, 2019

Tax and Legal Basics for Newcomers

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Seminar for newcommers Tax and Legal Basics for Newcomers – January 23, 2019, a6 6 p.m. DLegal and Tax Calgary are hosting a seminar for new commers! Come to speak with us about employment and estate planning law, individual income taxes, CPP, RRSP, RESP, TFSA, CCB, and other related issues! The event will take place in our office at #300 (FishCreek Executive Centre), 340 Midpark Way SE, Calgary, [...]

4 02, 2018


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Presentation at Jewish Community Centre - February 6th, 2018, at 2:00-3:00pm We are excited to announce that our lawyer, Anna Dunaeva, together with Artem Bytchkov, a Financial Advisor of Artem Financial Ltd., is giving a presentation on Wills and Estates Planning for seniors at Calgary Jewish Community Centre. Come and see us on Tuesday, February 6th, 2018, at 2:00-3:00pm, at Bertha Gold Jewish Residence (1603-90Ave SW), Lunch area. [...]

22 12, 2017

Estate Planning 3/3

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Estate Planning: Easy Steps That Make the Difference (Part 3) Recently, we discussed how to simplify property management and decision-making in case of absence or incapacity of a person. Then we touched upon some general rules of succession, access to “digital assets” and transfer of property to minors upon death (see part 1 and part 2 of the article). Now we will talk about mitigation of conflicts that [...]

14 12, 2017

Wrongful Dismissal

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Wrongful Dismissal: Think About Mitigation 1. Employee may have duties event if she is wrongfully dismissed In Alberta, when an employer dismisses an employee without cause, the employee may be entitled to damages for wrongful dismissal. This may be the case where the employer terminates the employment without notice or with insufficient notice. While the employee may be entitled to considerable damages award as a result of such [...]

7 12, 2017

Estate Planning 2/3

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Estate Planning: Easy Steps That Make the Difference (Part 2) Sometimes, it seems to be too early to plan for the unexpected. As a result, we underestimate the difficulties our significant ones can face down the road in case of our sudden illness or a life-threatening incident. In part 1 of this article we discussed property management and personal care instructions and touched upon some general rules of [...]

30 11, 2017

Doing Business Together

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Doing Business Together: Put Everything In Writing 1. Joint Efforts – Don’t Be Trapped So, you are starting a business together with your family member, old friend or another trusted person. By now you already know that there are multiple ways of doing business together. For example, you can be sole proprietors who agree to combine their knowledge and time to achieve some mutual benefit. Or, you [...]

23 11, 2017

Termination Without Cause

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Termination Without Cause: How Much Notice Is Enough? 1. “Working notice” or “termination pay? In many cases, when an employer wants to fire an employee without just cause, termination notice is required. If this is the case, there are two main types of termination notice. The first is “working notice”, where the employer informs the employee on the coming termination in advance, and the employee continues working [...]

20 11, 2017

Lawyers are seeking your advice

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Hey Guys: Lawyers are seeking your advice. Specifically, members of the legal profession follow the trend and think about innovations in legal services delivery in order to respond better to the everyday legal needs of Albertans. As part of this initiative, the Law Society of Alberta proposes amendments to the Legal Profession Act. The amendments are no widely discussed  and your participation is highly appreciated. At this stage, the Law [...]

15 11, 2017

Apostille or for Legalization

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Are You Looking for Apostille or for Legalization? Many important documents executed in one country are not acceptable in other countries without additional proof of genuineness. Otherwise, fake powers of attorney, university degrees, as well as ownership, birth, marriage or death certificates would be a huge problem in the modern word of technology. To prevent fraud, foreign recipients of your document may require some official confirmation that seals [...]

11 11, 2017

Estate Planning 1/3

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Estate Planning: Easy Steps That Make the Difference (Part 1) Few people in their prime actually like planning for the end – we would rather plan for vacations. However, the press of modern life, changes in personal values, increasing mobility, new technologies and growth of wealth complicate the law and make estate planning a necessity. While a will is the first thing we may [...]