Real Estate Legal Services in Calgary SW

DLegal is ready to help whenever you are looking for a local real estate lawyer in Calgary SW. Our legal real estate practice includes residential real estate conveyancing, mortgage refinancing, legal assistance with mobile home transactions, land title transfers, dower rights, builders lien, commercial lease and residential tenancy matters.

DLegal law office is dedicated to providing real estate legal services  thoroughly and promptly while keeping affordable real estate legal fees. In fact, we offer flat rate legal fees for many real estate legal services without hidden costs.

Lawyer for Home Purchase – Buying a New Home, House, Townhouse or Condo

Working with a lawyer when you buy a home helps you to protect your interests. Whether you are buying a new home, a house, a unit in a condominium or a townhouse, DLegal home buyer lawyer is ready to lead you through all stages of your real estate purchase transaction. We offer affordable flat rate lawyer fees for a typical property purchase. What does a lawyer do when buying a house? Here are some of the issues our lawyer for real estate can help you with:

  • drafting and review of residential real estate purchase contract;

  • review of the real property report;

  • adjusting property tax, condo and community fees;

  • confirming that an estoppel certificate is issued to make sure that there are no outstanding condominium debts;

  • preparation of mortgage documentation and communication with your bank to have your mortgage funded;

  • arranging for title insurance;

  • taking care of the instruments that may decrease value and enjoyment of the property (such as easements, caveats or liens);

  • ensuring that the property complies with municipal bylaws;

  • preparation and registration of legal documents at the Alberta Land Titles Office;

  • making sure that title is registered in your name for your house or condo unit, parking stall or storage.

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Residential Real Estate Lawyer – Sale of House, Townhouse or Condo

DLegal real estate conveyancing lawyer will take care of all aspects of your sale to make sure that your real estate closing goes without surprises. What do real estate lawyers do at closing for sellers? Our services for home sellers include:

  • residential real estate purchase contract review, to advise you on any potential concerns;

  • real property report review;

  • preparation of legal documents related to your real estate sale (such as transfer of land);

  • working with your lender (such as a bank or a mortgage company) to pay out and discharge any debts on title (such as mortgages and lines of credit);

  • helping you understand mortgage prepayment penalty and pay out tax or condo arrears;

  • communication with your real estate agent to facilitate release of keys and payment of realtor commission;

  • arranging for receipt of closing funds, for disbursement of sale proceeds and making the net funds available for you.

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Are you looking for a lawyer to help you with mortgage refinancing or private loan in Calgary?

Are you thinking of switching banks, refinancing a home equity line of credit or paying out an existing mortgage? Do you want to pull out equity from your property or to refinance first and second mortgage into one? Are you a borrower seeking independent legal advice for a private mortgage loan? Whether it is property refinancing, mortgage discharge or debt consolidation, DLegal mortgage refinance lawyer is here to help you! Our legal services include:

  • working with your lender (such as a bank, a mortgage company or a private lender) to pay out and discharge existing debts (including mortgages and lines of credit);

  • cooperating with the family lawyer if the refinance is part of a separation process;

  • communication with your new lender to have your mortgage funded;

  • arranging for title insurance if requested by your lender;

  • preparation of all legal documents and mortgage registration.

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Transfer of Land Title, Change of Ownership and Dower Rights in Alberta

Finding a real estate lawyer to lead you through the transfer of land title procedure, to advise you on rights of spouse under Alberta Dower Act or to help you with changing address registered on title is easy! DLegal lawyer for real estate assists clients with various real estate rights issues. We can help with changes in ownership of land through transfer of land title, when you wish to convert joint tenancy into tenants in common property or transfer joint tenancy property under right of survivorship. We also assist with dower rights issues. What does a real estate lawyer do when you need help with transfer of land title or dower rights? Our legal real estate services include:

  • explaining how to transfer land title to new owner or existing owner;

  • advising on the consequences of the land title transfer or dower release to you;

  • drafting all documents for smooth transfer of land title;

  • preparation of all legal papers to ensure proper execution of the release of dower rights;

  • communication with the Alberta Land Titles to comply with the requirements for land title transfer, complete the transfer or file the dower release documents.

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Commercial Real Estate Lawyer – Commercial Leases

Whether you are a landlord in a commercial lease property or a tenant asking how to break a commercial lease, DLegal will take care of your lease rights. Our commercial property lawyer can help you with:

  • review of offer to lease prior to signing your commercial lease agreement;

  • lease negotiations and disputes, to protect your interest;

  • review and drafting of commercial lease;

  • legal assistance with other documents related to commercial rent agreement (such as lease renewal, lease assignment and lease termination agreements);

  • legal advice on such issues as personal guarantee and indemnity, additional rent, common area expenses, subletting business premises, breach of lease contract and lease termination.

Residential Tenancy in Alberta, Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Are you a landlord looking for a local real estate lawyer in Calgary SW to help you with residential lease transaction? Or are you a tenant seeking advice on your residential tenancy agreement. Do you want to know how to terminate a lease or need assistance with a landlord dispute? Dlegal real estate lawyer will take care of your lease. Our lease-related legal services include:

  • review of offer to lease prior to signing your residential tenancy agreement;

  • review of residential tenancy agreements;

  • negotiations with landlords or tenants to protect your interest;

  • legal advice with respect to end of tenancy and termination of tenancy agreement;

  • representing clients in landlord tenant disputes.

Mobile Home Transactions

DLegal assists clients with refinancing, leasing, buying and selling mobile homes. To ensure that your manufactured home transaction goes as smooth as possible, our lawyer will lead you through all the stages, whether it is contract drafting, negotiations, mobile home lease review or existing mobile home refinance.

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